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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just expression.. huhu


yesterday was enjoyable. i've done a lot of things, and lessen my tasks. for the night, my friends and i have planned for a match with PS's student. the PS student make the challenge. but the mistake is, the transportation. we didnt planned it well, and a few of us didnt go for the match, including me. it's make me sad for a bit, but i know i can go for it for another time. and the result of the match? BI student lost. according to my friend, they're at a comfortable zone at first with 5-1, so they're playing just to waste time. but it seems the PS student counterattack and cause the got 7 more goals. the end of the match, 8-6.. well, i think it's a good match even though i didnt see it. and i heard we have a rematch this thursday. getting excited here.. yosshaa! haha..

however, today, i dont know what to do.. got a lot of animes, movies, musics, and also assignments of course, but dont have the mood.. huh suddenly i feel alone. my friends invite me to go to a place called Bukit Ayer, just for fun. but i still dont have the mood, and i decline their invitation. and on top of that, the plan has been canceled. well, what can i do.. it's not my fault that i dont have mood right now.. and i dont know how and what should i do to make my 'today' interesting. huh

well, luckily.. when i open my ym, i found a url from my friend's ym. i open it, and yeah it reminds me of my blog. haha.. see the stuff in her blog, makes me want to make one like her.. emm.. correction, not like her, it's BETTER THAN HER.. haha.. well at least i found inspiration through that..

then again, i think about my fate.. either i'll be one of the MPP (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar) or not.. got selected because of some circumstances. if you ask me do i wanna be MPP, well i dont want to be one. why? hehe. got my own reason lor. but at the same time, i dont want to lose. so, i dont want to be MPP, and i dont want to lose. the conclusion - it depends on the vote.. i'll just pray for the correct choice.. whatever the result is, i'll accept it hardly.. haha -j.k-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eid's Festival in campus

Last night was a success.. everyone wore beautiful outfit and had a lot feasts..
even me won't miss such a chance to eat a lot.. haha..
NYDP, bro Rahman gave a simple speech, coz he's not ready perhaps.. haha
but still, he's great in that..
there's also performance by these three singers..

great voice.. totally..

and also dancers..
plus, there's a competition called "Pakaian yang paling unik"
and the two winners were the three from left and two from right..

a lot of my friends came..
so happy and grateful that they came..
as a cordinator, i'm very proud of them.. haha

Sunday, October 4, 2009

oWn hAnd's aRtwoRk

this is my friend's artwork..
not mine lor.. haha

Friday, October 2, 2009

Memories start in IPGM

- First time in IPGM Kampus Perlis. Really excited lor.. First picture taken, in my room, outside the window.. Nice view.. hehe

- End of orientation week. Free from all the suffering days. haha.. not so suffer la, enjoy je.. hihi