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Sunday, July 22, 2012

just a bit story...

It was that day..

Me, my father and a friend of his, taking our breakfast while waiting for our car finished repaired. We all sat together, eating and talking, like there's nothing else in the world that would matter. Then, there came a boy.. He looked at us with a gentle smile and he is indeed....cute.. 

Out of sudden, my father asked, 
'Have you eaten? How old are you?' and many more questions, with a very soft, nicely heard voice of his.. 

I thought to myself, how can he do and ask without feeling any..trouble.. Then again I realized, he's a teacher.. He must have gone through many experiences with children.. And his nicely-way-of-asking-questions may get the student attracted.. The boy answered him with a bit chuckles and a nice smile..

While wondering, the boy then looked at me and smiled.. It is so nice to look at his face.. But, at the moment, his face changed.. He doesn't smile anymore.. I was suprised, and asked him, 'Why you not smiling anymore?' 

Then.. he looked at me and moved a bit away from me.. and he said, 'Why are you biting the straw?' 

I laughed a bit.. Then the boy went into the kitchen to get his mother.. He must have thought it was waaayy too weird for him to look at someone who bite straw.. 

I laughed again.. In the same time, my mind have thought of two persons, who always mentioned of my 'biting the straw' habit..  They did asked, with not-so-different question, like the boy just asked.. 

Well, maybe it is a bit weird, or perhaps not nice to look at.. But, what can I do? It's a habit of mine, and I dont think it's a bad habit anyway.. Dont have any reason of doing so or to leave so :)


Anonymous said...

kenapa anda suke gigit straw? :p

(nak tanye lagi jugak :p)

- cS - said...

hahaha.. nak buat macam mana lagi..
dah terbiasa~

maybe becoz it's look cool..
instead of gigit and hisap rokok ^^

Anonymous said...

dh terhabit dh kan..

okay baiklah...that's way better from smoking :)

- cS - said...