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Sunday, November 29, 2009

.. reCaLL ..

this week is the second week of school holiday.. i got nothing to do.. assignments all done except one, completing the portfolio.. watch television is not my type, but when i watch it, i'll get stuck on it for the rest of the day.. just not in the mood most of the time..

then, i remembered back my 'time' when i was in KMPh (Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang @ Matriculation College of Pahang).. waah.. there's a lot of excitement and i enjoy every second i'm at there.. hehe.. eventhough i only sat there for about two months, i manage to enjoy myself..

once, i was informed that study in Matrics is very difficult.. well right now, i'm agree with that statement, although i only experience it for two months.. the things we studied there are a lot, even a chapter must be finish in just two-three days.. i guess there's not much time to revision, so we need to 'very' focus in the class, otherwise....... well it's like what you think it is..

the first day i registered myself in KMPh is between 12th or 13th of May 2009 (cant remember well of the date... maybe because of the excitement. haha).. the orientation lasts for a week.. so there're a lot of things had been shown to us student by the facilitators, and a few interesting events we've partipated. in the orientation week, my LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan) was organised by a facilitator named Vincent (not real name i suppose?). he was an ex-student of KMPh, and an ex-MPP (wow).. according to the real plan, each LDK was organised by a lecturer of KMPh.. but i guess my LDK is somehow unique, as we got Vincent (nearly age is better to interact i guess?). well here's a picture of my LDK and the one who wears orange shirt is Vincent.. haha... miss you guys lor..

after the orientation, we got our own class to attend to.. so we got separated, but our memories being together will remained in our head.. hehe

then there was this subject called Dinamika Kemahiran (Dynamic Skills?), which has make an event consists of few competitions.. i think there were 7 types of competition, or maybe 6.. well, each class need to pick and play role in the competition choosen. my class got "Choral Speaking" and it's a challenging thing for us as we all(mostly) never have experience in this "Choral Speaking".. we practice, and practice and practice until the day came.. actually we didnt practice much. we are more focused on studying as study in Matrics is like i said before. then, the day came. it was on 30th June 2009.. everyone wears nice outfits. even my class is.. hehe.. when it's my class turn, i sit in front of them and hoped they do well.. they performed, and one thing i can say is, they've done great.. i really like it.. that is the most unforgetful memory i had when i was in KMPh.. as a result, they got free meals.. it's on me.. hehe

huh.. i think that's all for now (tired of typing.. haha).. there's still a lot of stuffs i want to mentioned but i guess i'll continue on next time.. huh.

- not because of some day make it best for you, but it's you who make the day best. so make everyday as your best day-


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