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Sunday, November 21, 2010

:: Ice Ages ::

wow it's been ages since last I posted... well can't help it,
i did got ton of stuffs to sette

alrite now.. err.. first of all i would like to say Happy 'Eid 'Adha to all Musleems and Musleemats in the world.. I know it's kinda late, but well it's better late than never.. haha

We Malaysian had celebrated our Eid on 17th November 2010.. and it's a beginning for me to change better.. can see it from "I'm updating my blog now".. haha

And recently, i've been doing nothing, except reading.. of course bermanfaat lah.. and decided to make a manga, with a help of a friend.. but still don't know whether he agree or not (haizz...)
insyaAllah, if we do agree each other, we will rock this world with our manga.. HAHAHA

now2, it's near my birthday.. and i dont know if my friends remember or not.. i hope they do.. haha.. and what is my family's plan for my youngest brother and I's birthday (we have the same date).. hopefully it's a big shock.. nevertheless, i always grateful for whatever they gave.. hehe~

well that's it for now..

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