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Sunday, January 2, 2011

end of 2010 > Malaysia won AFF Suzuki Cup < great start of 2011

Oh my God.. it's 2011 already.. fuh fuh no need to panic...

oh yeah nearly forgot..
assalamua'alaikum... hehe how are you today? (is there any one will answer this? haha)
whew it 's been a day today..
many things happened today and also yesterday...

well before that, i would like to express my grateful to God because Malaysia for the first time won the AFF Suzuki Cup.. CONGRATES GUYS!! YOU RAWK!!! hahaha XDDD

when they play at Stadium Bukit Jalil, they've already take Indonesia 3-0.. it's like a miracle.. i mean, i never seen Malaysian players were playing very nice and beautiful.. i thought in that game, they were just going for defend, but 3 to 0? my mistake then.. hahaha
i think this is the first time i see for seriously of Malaysia's matches.. and it turned out very2 good.. haha XD
since they already have three goals, maybe in Indonesia they'll just defend it so that Indonesian player will never catch up... i think they must've remembered the history two years ago, when in Malaysia they manage to get one goal, but when in Indonesia they're counterattacked by FIVE??!! man that's very......(no comment).....

anyway, when they played in Indonesia, i saw they are very defensive, leaving Safee Sali alone as the offense.. the defend are GREAAT..

plus ++ the Malaysian goalkeeper from Kelantan, Khairul Fahmi... oh man he's so awesome... even when the Indonesian player shoot a very fast ball and quite far from the box (hard to guess the exact ball to catch), he managed to catch it like it's just a ball thrown by a boy.. in simper words, the ball is just like a magnet to his hands.. no wonder he's quite popular now, especiallyh among the girls.. maybe if i'm a girl i might as well fall from him (WTH??) hahaha... i'm grateful of who i am today.. hehe ;-)

the whistle for second game is blown.. Indonesia player are playing quickly in order to get over the points they've lost.. then a miracle happened.. the ball was with Safee Sali (actually many times, but this time is special)... Safee Sali ran with the ball and in front of the goalkeeper, he shot with his FIERCE strike, and it's GOOOAAALLLL!!! yeah 1-0 for Malaysia... well this means they never hesitated when the chance to shoot appeared even though they're already at Safe Zone.. but the End whistle not yet blown.. Indonesia got very stressed and they have make their counterattack.. then, suddenly they make a GOAL.. oh man, but it's ok now it's 1-1.. I hope Malaysia make a goal again... but my hope shattered.. Indonesia manage to get another goal, and it's 2-1...
Phreeettt!!! the end whistle had blown, and i kinda sad Malaysia was lost.. still Malaysia won by the aggregate by 4-2.. yeah XD! haha.. it's a very good match anyway.. my father said, it's a good thing Indonesia manage to win in their own territory, even though they lost by aggregate.. at least their pride is not lost when Malaysia got the first goal in their territory... anyway Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, and PM of Malaysia had declared 31st of December is a holiday since it's the first time Malaysia won a cup after a long time... hoho\\

from the match i got a lot of morals (perhaps)....
1. teamwork is an important asset to win something (Wonder Pets are right after all.. haha)
2. you must always make progress, and it ain't a waste at all
3. grab the opportunities, even when you're in Safe Zone...
4. actually many more... but kinda tired to think and type at the same time.. huh

wow.. i never thought it's tiring to type... haha... i'll bring up my yesterday and today story another time.. insyaAllah~

ooh and for my artwork here's the new one.. hehe do comment (anyone....pleasee...huhu)

huh.. got to rest now.. wassalam and thanks!!

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