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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I kind of miss you,
not as in I miss you because I like you,
but I miss talking to you like the days like we used to,
talking about everything and anything all day,
spilling our emotions talking about music and our problems,
I just miss when we used to talk...

it's like we dont even know each other anymore,
and it's kinda hurts,
even though we weren't anything,
it still hurts
knowing we've grown apart
and it went by so quickly,
i wish i could have you back in the way where
we'd just rely on each other...

(peerrgghh.. ayat atas tu diambil daripada somebody..
and kinda relate with the situation now.. huhu)

I dunno if you read this,
and i hope you please do notice this,
because it is directly for you,
tolonglah 'perasan'
it hurts when i know you're being like that
please, and please, and please...
I'll perbetulkan myself
so that our bonds will be better and longer

yes i know
kite dah T.A.K.S.A.M.A
Impossible nak jadi macam dulu balik
we've to keep moving forward and forward
but how to move,
when we're haunted by the past
and the mistakes,
which i was the main cause..
forgive is what i can ask,
but i know it's hard
since it involves hearts..

I know, it's my fault
for not being honest
and for keeping too many secrets from you
but sometimes, secrets are just better keep as secrets rite
because it may hurt other people,
as there's this someone said,
making decision is like being in a battle,
and it will effect on each other's futures sides...

I'll be honest
when the time is right
when Allah gives the signal
until then,
I'll keep correcting myself
so that i'll be a better person
with no longer hurt anybody's feeling...

ku tak berharap engkau menunggu
ku cuma berharap engkau bersabar
kerana ku tahu
tunggu itu satu penyeksaan
dan bersabarlah penahan rasa penyeksaan tersebut
if you prefer pretending is the best way for us
then what can i do
more or less
it's still up to you...

Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami,
tunjukkan jalan yang terbaik buat kami,
ku berharap kami tak berpisah,
kerana ukhuwah yang terjalin adalah dari Mu
namun kerana silap ku kami begini,
hinanya diriku ini
jika Engkau pun tidak memaafkan ku..
Ampunkan dosa ku ya Rabb
Maafkan kesilapan ku wahai 'engkau'

- exam dah dekat, so let's do our best, and i pray for your successfulness -


Anonymous said...

cane org 2 nak perasan
xde state nme spe2 pon

cApiX_sHinObu said...

sape2 yg rase dirinye ter-relate-kn dgn post ni, so ye lah tu.. ngehee~

Anonymous said...

how should org 2 nk tau?
die rse 2 adalah die...tp bkn rupanya
mmg btol2 kes perasan ni

cApiX_sHinObu said...

bile dia rase 2 adalah die..
then ye lah tu..

Anonymous said...

tp kamu still kena tell da truth
sakit kot kalau jadi mcm ni

cApiX_sHinObu said...

hmm... payoh bebenor lagu ni gak..
then state ur name, n i will tell whether it's related to u or not..

Anonymous said...

opkos its not related to me
im just a blogwalker
walking walking around
tumpang sebok sebok
tumpang bg nasihat

cApiX_sHinObu said...

oh.. ok mister/ miss anonymous..
this post is related to you..
mekasih kerana prihatin

Anonymous said...

trimas capiX_sHinObu
even I know nothing bout ur real situation