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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garu Kepala ~

(Gambar hanyalah sekadar hiasan)


just wanna tell
there's something bothering me
and it's about 'her'

That day
She was never she
She's very cold
Towards me
and everyone nearby
I dont know what happened to her
I wish I knew
but what can I do
I cant even look at her face that day
So I just hear and do what I have to do
Later she left
Just like that
Makes me wonder
Why she's like that

Later in the evening
I went for an event
Never thought she was there
But the thing is
She's SMILING at me
Oh My God
Her smile is very SWEET looking
I don't know what else can I think of
I've a talk with her
without mentioning
why she behaved like 'that' a few hours before
and I left her with a smile
and she was still smiling...

It's still bothering me
Why she's like that before
and why she's like that after
But i will never ask
because it's ends with a good ending
and hopefully, it will continue be like that
regardless anything that may influence...


honeydew said...

mama~ hmmmm.........

capix shinobu said...


honeydew said...

cerita ini kn ttg your beloved mama...

capix shinobu said...

haa... dont spoil~

honeydew said...

spoil what?