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Friday, September 23, 2011

:( -----> :)

Okay.. this week has being one kind of a painful week...
i have to be stronger, better, and honest-er, in becoming better person..
i can't deny the fact 'people who around you influence the most of your activity'
but, we do have one gift that parted us from other things, which is called 'akal', or some people may referred it to the brain..
so, use it wisely, and learn learn and learn...
seek the truth, insyaAllah He will guide to right path..

ok... i wanna apologize again.. sorry for being such a jerk..huh... and thanks for being so much of a forgiver.. hehe :)


kic kida said...

there's no such word 'honest-er' ye..only 'more honest'

that's why we need to be good in choosing our friends...atau jd lebih bijak dlm berkawan..okay?

i've been such....for such a few times...hopefully continues..insyaAllah

- cS - said...

hahaha.. sorry, that time structure of sentences is a mess.. hehe.. thanks for the correction..

yup.. like a friend of mine said, 'meeting good people is happiness, meeting bad people is experience'.. err.. kinda like that lah.. haha


kic kida said...