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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...since ages...

It has been...

how many years...

I can't recall...

It's like I forgot how it felt...

How it gets down....

I've tried so many times (purposely)...

But none has succeeded...

But today

with just a few conciousness

I read the Letter

and then

it was the last page

for today...

I remembered her

and so

I tried to imitate

by doing her style of reading...

With just two lines

my eyes has become blurry...

I continued my reading


when i close my eyes

'it' goes down




Oh God

It was indeed warm

and it falls into my mouth also

and i can even feels its saltiness...

I keep reading

and now even my voice changes

one that i never 'made of' before

i just dunno how to describe more...


after finish the last page for today

i used my hands to wipe it out

and its proven

i wasnt dreaming...

I dunno how and why

But i'm certain that

I miss her

and I miss her style of reading

Very differ from the others

and that's one of things

that I like the most about her...


I look through the window

and smile to myself

"Life is so much beautiful..

so why are you breathing so quickly?

Take a deep breath

and Enjoy

The beautifulness of L.I.F.E"

my draft for new one-shot..
whaddya think?

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